Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uptime Monitor and how does it work?

Uptime Monitor checks the accessibility and responsiveness of your websites and servers from multiple locations worldwide.

What is Multi-Region Monitoring?

Multi-Region Monitoring means that we check your website's uptime from multiple locations around the world. This helps in accurate detection of downtime and reduces the chances of false alarms.

Why should I monitor SSL certificate expiration with Uptime Monitor?

Uptime Monitor sends you warnings if your certificate is about to expire in 30, 14, 7, and 1 day. This feature helps to prevent the disruption of services and security issues related to expired certificates.

Can I customize the HTTP(S) monitoring requests with Uptime Monitor?

Yes, with Uptime Monitor you can use custom HTTP headers or payloads in the monitoring request. Additionally, you can check response headers and payload.

What does the status page feature offer?

Our service includes a status page that allows you to display the current status of your websites and servers to your users. You can easily set up a custom domain name with HTTPS encryption, promoting transparency with your users.

What are the different types of notifications provided by Uptime Monitor?

Uptime Monitor can alert you via various channels when your websites or servers are down or experiencing issues. These notifications can be sent via SMS, email, Slack, Discord, or webhook.

Why are email and SMS alerts a paid feature?

Uptime Monitor is committed to ensuring the most reliable alert delivery, which is why we partner with premium service providers. These top-tier services do carry a cost, which is why after the first 10 daily emails, which are free, email and SMS alerts are offered as purchasable packages. If you require SMS alerts or additional daily emails, these can be purchased from the Settings page. Also, paid plans include more email credits.

How does the SSL certificate expiration check function?

To utilize the SSL certificate expiration check, you simply have to check the "Warn me about SSL certificate expiration" box in the monitor settings. Upon activation, Uptime Monitor performs a minimum of one check daily. If the certificate is nearing expiration, you will receive alert notifications on the day of expiration as well as 1, 7, 14, and 30 days prior. These notifications will be sent to the same contacts you've designated in your monitor settings, providing ample time to renew your certificate and prevent service disruption.

Which IP addresses does Uptime Monitor use to check websites?

Uptime Monitor uses a set of specific IP addresses to monitor websites. You can access an updated list of these IPs by visiting