What Uptime Monitor can do?

Uptime Monitor is a powerful tool for ensuring the availability of your websites and servers. With our service, you can easily keep track of your online assets and receive alerts when there are any issues or disruptions.

Versatile Notification Channels

Receive timely alerts through your preferred channels when your websites or servers encounter issues. We support SMS, email, Slack, Discord, webhook notification methods, and notifications through our iOS app.

Informative Status Pages

Display the live status of your websites and servers to your users through our easy-to-set-up status pages. Support for custom domain names with HTTPS encryption is included.

Multi-Region Monitoring

Experience rapid issue detection with our premium plans offering 10-second checks from multiple global locations. Get notified quickly when your server experiences downtime.

SSL Certificate Expiration Alerts

Never miss an SSL certificate renewal with our timely alerts. We notify you 30, 14, 7, and 1 day(s) before your certificate expiration.

Customizable Fail Thresholds

Define the number of region failures that trigger an alert with our multi-region monitoring feature. Enhance your downtime detection accuracy and minimize false alarms.

Advanced HTTP(S) Monitoring

Configure custom HTTP headers or payloads for monitoring requests, and check response headers and payloads for thorough website monitoring.

Status Pages

Let your customers see your website's status or keep it displayed for your team in the office.

Status Page


Experience the speed you deserve with Uptime Monitor. We are proud to offer the industry's fastest 10-second checks even on our smallest plans.



The perfect plan if you're just getting started.

  • 10 monitors (up to 3 locations each)
  • 30-second checks
  • HTTPS, TCP, ping checks support
  • 10 free daily alert emails
  • Basic status pages
  • 90 days data retention
  • Fastest monitoring on the market
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Maximum precision. Full control.

  • 10 monitors (up to 3 locations each)
  • 10-second checks
  • Advanced HTTP(S) monitoring
  • 10 free daily alert emails
  • Status pages on a custom domain
  • Optional password protection for status pages
  • No data retention limits
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