Status Pages

Share status pages with your customers or display them on the monitor in the office.

Status Page

What Uptime Monitor can do?

Uptime Monitor is a powerful tool for ensuring the availability of your websites and servers. With our service, you can easily keep track of your online assets and receive alerts when there are any issues or disruptions.

Multiple notification channels

We provide alerts or notifications when your websites or servers are down or experiencing issues, sent via email, Slack, Discord, or even webhook notification methods.

Status pages

Our service includes a status page that allows you to display the current status of your websites and servers to your users. Also, you can easily set up a custom domain name with HTTPS encryption.

No false negatives

Uptime Monitor does not trigger alerts on a single failure. Instead, it always checks twice from different locations.

SSL certificates expiration

Uptime Monitor will warn you if your certificate is about to expire in 30, 14, 7, and 1 day.

Fast recovering

If Uptime Monitor detects downtime, it will decrease the checking interval to 10 seconds to notify you faster when your server recovers.

Advanced HTTP(S) monitoring

You can use custom HTTP headers or payloads in the monitoring request. Also, you can check response headers and payload.

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